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The Last Roof You Will Ever Need

The 50 year roofing system—with a 20% savings!

Your home is one of your biggest assets; so why compromise its value with a roof that needs to be changed every 15 to 20 years? Probably because no one has been able to provide a product that will last any longer!

Welcome to nu-lok™—the 50 year roofing system! Nu-lok™ is a revolutionary new roofing system developed in Australia, based on a patented metal battening method. Designed specifically for ceramic or natural slate shingles, nu-lok™ delivers significant advantages, including a considerable price savings!

  • NATURAL SLATE—the real thing at affordable prices
  • The nu-lok™ patented installation system reduces the amount of slate required, giving you the same look
  • Eliminate the problems of traditional slate installation with nu-lok™
  • no more slate sliding down the roof
  • it's lightweight!
  • Alternatively, you can have the nu-lok™ CERAMIC STONE TILE
  • A through color, ceramic tile
  • Guaranteed against fade and deterioration for a full 50 years!
  • The nu-lok™ roofing system also can attain a US Class "A" fire rating

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Feature Benefits

Low Cost

The nu-lok™ system saves up to 20% on traditional laying method costs due to savings on labor, materials and weight.

Enhanced Appearance

The nu-lok™ system actually enhances the visual appeal of both natural slates and ceramic shingle roofs. Old world charm is maintained, while the roof material is presented superbly, enhancing the street appeal of each property.

Long Life

Ceramic and slate both date back to pre-Egyptian times and will outlast most other roofing materials by hundreds of years.

Low Weight

Weight is reduced by up to 30%. This gives savings all the way down to foundations. It also allows replacements of existing roofs without structural alteration.

Home with nu-lok roof
Nu-lok roof on home
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Environmentally Friendly

Nu-lok™ ceramic and slate products are environmentally friendly. They also possess the unique ability to be used in areas where high levels of pollution or salt exist—without any adverse effects.


Nu-lok™ ceramic tile and natural slate products protect against water (less than 0.05% water absorption rate), marine air, weather damage and fire (can attain U.S. Class A fire-rating).

Metal Components

The metal component material has been selected in consultation with BHP (one of the world's largest steel producers). The tile Clip, which is the only exposed part of the system, is made from stainless steel, ensuring a long trouble-free life.


Both ceramic and slate materials offer a range of tones, textures and colorings.


The color choice available with nu-lok™ includes traditional burnt orange terracotta, slate grey, black, forest green and burgundy. Specific colors can be produced for large projects or to suit heritage applications.


Slate colors are decided by God and nature, and we have no desire to change this.

Nu-lok roof
Nu-lok roof on elegant home
Nu-lok roof on another elegant home
Another fine home with nu-lok
Some shake colors
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Ease of Installation

The nu-lok™ system requires only half the number of battens compared to traditional roofing systems, and does not need solid decking. It can be put right over the rafters—saving on plywood, weight and money.

Combined with savings up to 20% on roofing materials, nu-lok™ makes the installer's job far faster and easier. In addition, the system is foolproof once the battens are correctly fitted.


Assembling of Components

This patented system consists of a combination of metal Battens, Link Channels and Clips. The Link Channel has a choice of weather sealing methods.

System Components

The wire clip that holds the tile in position is made from stainless steel to ensure long term performance. There are other clip types available, where people want the clip to be highly visible in the European tradition. Ask for details.

The Link Channel with Wire Clip

This option allows the shingles to be fixed with stainless steel wire Clips. The wire Clips can be removed from the Link Channel by squeezing the ends inward to disengage the Clip from the Channel.

To Remove or Replace a Shingle

Pushing the wire sideways towards the center of the Channel allows you to disengage the restraint on either edge of the Shingle. The Shingle can then be removed or replaced.

Batten and Link Channel

Nu-lok roof installation

Sealing Option

The Link Channel can be used with or without seals. Where extreme weather conditions exist, there are two types of seal options. One is the EPDM foam flat strip down the center of the Channel; and the other is a long life foam bead that runs up the sides and around the top.

The Difference Between Ceramic and Slate

The Ceramic Shingle has some "built-in" advantages over the Slate. The back of the tile has a specially formed rib to fit the metal channels for further improved weatherability and strength. Substantial color options are available with Ceramic Shingles. Slate and Ceramic have incredible longevity.

Clay and Concrete tiles are porous and will absorb water—some more porous than others. Clay tiles have a porosity of 2 to 10%, and Concrete tiles range from 3 to 20%. Lower porosity is a feature that equates with long lifespan. In very cold climates, the freeze/thaw cycle will damage the tiles. The higher the porosity, the greater the damage. Ceramic and Slate have the weather-resistance advantage over Clay and Concrete.

Nu-lok™ Ceramic Shingles are made in Asia and Italy. The Italian Shingle is a fully vitrified ceramic stone and is completely immune to attack by weather, acids, moss and fungi. The product is frostproof and waterproof. Water absorption is less than 0.05%. This Ceramic can be walked on and offers the architect greater possibilities for that classic, timeless look of Slate.


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View Sample Roofs

Click on the following thumbnail images to see the larger image:

Spanish Slate BEFORE  Spanish Slate AFTER  nu-lok sample 3  nu-lok sample 4

nu-lok sample 5   nu-lok sample 6   nu-lok sample 7   nu-lok sample 8


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Cost Comparisons

  COST —>  
 Traditional Slate      
transparent image
 NU-LOK™ Slate      
transparent image
 Traditional Italian  Ceramic    
transparent image
 NU-LOK™ Italian  Ceramic      
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 NU-LOK™ Ceramic      

From the graph above, the tremendous advantage of the nu-lok™ system becomes obvious. In addition to the cost savings, the low weight gives the ability to make cost savings right down to the foundations! With existing roofs, replacements can occur without structural alterations. The nu-lok™ system does not need solid decking. It can be put right over the rafters—saving on plywood, weight and money. All this with superb visual appeal as well!

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Weight Advantage

Cement Tile   10  
Traditional Slate   11  
Clay Shingle   11  
NU-LOK™ Shingle   6  
  Weight per square foot  

Cement Tile   20,000  
Traditional Slate   22,000  
Clay Shingle   22,000  
NU-LOK™ Shingle   12,000  
  Weight of an average 2000 sq. ft. roof  

Nu-lok™ offers many advantages, with weight savings being one of the most important. Weight is reduced by up to 30% compared to the traditional laying methods. This creates savings in building costs, all the way down to the foundations. Nu-lok™ can be used on existing structures, due to its light weight, without the need for extra strengthening.


nu-lok™ roofs:

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